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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Xiaomi 5v 2a 16000mah Power Bank External Battery Charger

  • 100% Manufacturer by Xiaomi, you may purchase with confidence.
  • The Power Bank is built with safety, protection and efficiency in mind. Designed by Texas Instruments, the USB smart-control and power source chipsets are strengthened by nine layers of circuit chipset protection.
  • Mi Power Bank automatically adjusts its output level based on the connected device. Easily charge smartphones and tablets from Mi, Apple, Samsung, HTC, Google and BlackBerry, as well as a variety of digital cameras and handheld gaming devices.
  • The one-piece carved aluminum casing ensures structural rigidity. Tested to withstand 5,000 micro USB insertion/removal cycles and 1,500 USB insertion/removal cycles.
  • Simple design, compact and easy to take along for trip, ideal gift for family and friend, or yourself.

How to Hard Reset iPhone with or without Passcode

Factory reset iPhone should be a hard decision, because all of things on iPhone will be lost. But when we have to do it without any hesitation?

iPhone freezes.
iPhone couldn’t work right.
iPhone has been attacked by virus.
You want to sell iPhone to another person.
You want to erase iPhone personal data.

Before preparing to hard reset iPhone, what should we do first?

1. Backup iPhone
We had better back up iPhone. You will know this backup is so important if you want to restore iPhone after hard reset.

2. Take out iPhone SIM or SD card
This action can protect iPhone data stored on SD card from damage.

When you are ready to go on, now please see following three ways to hard reset iPhone.

Way 1: Hard Reset iPhone with Home and Power Button
Way 2: Hard Reset iPhone with Menu
Way 3: Hard Reset iPhone from Recovery Mode with Tool
Even though all of things have been prepared, we should think sincerely whether iPhone hard reset is worth to do.

Way 1: Hard Reset iPhone with Home and Power Button

hard reset iPhone with Home and Power button
When iPhone buttons are available, this way is one of the easiest methods to restore iPhone to factory settings without passcode.

Step 1: Press and hold the Home button (at the bottom of iPhone) and the Sleep/Wake button (on top of the iPhone) simultaneously.

Step 2: Hold both buttons until the iPhone shuts off and begins to restart.

Let it go when you see the Apple logo appear on screen. You’ve just performed a hard reset.

Way 2: Hard Reset iPhone with Menu

When passcode is still remembered, and you can successfully access iPhone, iPhone can be hard reset via menu.

Step 1: Go to Settings > General > Reset and select "Erase All Content and Settings".

hard reset iPhone with menu

Step 2: When a message prompts you whether you want to restore iPhone to factory settings, just click OK to confirm. Follow tips to go on, and iPhone will be reset.

Way 3: Hard Reset iPhone from Recovery Mode with Tool

When there is no passcode and iPhone buttons not working, just take USB cable, Windows computer, iOSBoot Genius and iTunes to help you. You can enter iPhone recovery mode with only one click and restore iPhone to factory default easily with one button.

Step 1: Make sure iTunes and iOSBoot Genius installed in Windows computer.

Step 2: Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable.

Step 3: Run iOSBoot Genius and check connected iPhone.

factory reset iPhone by entering recovery mode

Step 4: Enter iPhone recovery mode with one click on "Enter Recovery Mode" of iOSBoot Genius.

Step 5: When iTunes prompts you that iPhone is in recovery mode and you must restore it before it can be used with iTunes. Click OK.

Step 6: Restore iPhone by clicking iTunes "Restore iPhone" button.

This way works when you couldn’t use iTunes to enter iPhone recovery mode successfully and then restore it to factory default. If iTunes can do that, you can directly use iTunes to restore iPhone. After iPhone hard reset, restore iPhone from iTunes backup or iCloud backup is the best way to recover data ever on iPhone memory card.